Eddie Cleofe ’15 is interviewed by Alaska Public Radio!

Check out our very own Eddie Cleofe’s interview with Alaska Public Radio by following this link!


Here is an excerpt:

Edward Cleofe is an undergraduate student at Brown who spent the summer working at site. He’s touring a group around the dig. He stands around an excavated house with the group.

“What you see here when you look down is most of the house was underground. They put posts up. You can see a post right there or a little chunk of a post … a post there. So those house posts held up the roof which was made with sod. You can actually see some of the sod posts that we’ve made and or recovered right over there. So these people were living here probably during the winter. Can everyone see the fireplace? You can see the three walls of the stone?,” he said.

As Cleofe explains, researchers found signs that the people who lived in the village kept dogs.

“Does anyone know what coprolites are? That’s a fancy archaeology word for poop. We found a bunch of dog poop right over there full of fish bones and fish scales and fish things. And we’ve also found a lot dog bones in this area. So there’s quite a bit of evidence that says that these people were living very closely with their dogs,” Cleofe said.


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