Writing and Having A Life IS POSSIBLE!

How do you make writing a habit AND still enjoy your life? Thanks to blogger Get a Life, PhD, here is some advice!



Are you struggling with writing consistently? If so, try and implement these strategies, adjusted for the particularities of your schedule:

  • Make a writing plan for the week. Decide exactly what writing projects you will work on this week. For example: Finalize article and submit to journal. Finish literature review for Chapter Three.
  • Break your writing plan down by days, and make specific tasks for tomorrow. For example: Monday: Refine methodology section and add sample details from proposal. Tuesday: Add references on neoliberalism to literature review.
  • At 8pm tonight, turn off all electronic devices: cellular phone, laptop, tablet, television, etc.
  • Find a novel and read it in bed.
  • Sleep by 9pm.
  • Wake up at 5am or 6am.
  • Write for 30 minutes when you first wake up, before checking email or social media accounts.

I know that not everyone has the life circumstances that would permit them to implement this schedule. So, it is not for everybody. However, I will say that having children or a family does not necessarily prevent you from having a similar schedule.


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