Past Fellows, 2014 and Beyond


MMUF Class of 2014:

Erika López García is a geological sciences concentrator who hopes to pursue a PhD in planetary geology. Her research will investigate the origin of the south polar parallel folds on Enceladus, a small moon orbiting Saturn. Erika was also named a Rhode Island NASA Space Grant Fellow.

Saudi García is concentrating in anthropology and Education Studies. She will conduct ethnographic research on Dominican students in vocational high schools in Providence. Saudi plans to pursue a PhD in anthropology.

Hayward Leach is concentrating in comparative literature. His research explores the literary style of Afro-Latin American literature, with a focus on representations of santería, a syncretic religious tradition prevalent in the Caribbean.

Sean McAdams, a political science and Latin American and Caribbean Studies concentrator, will research the social activism of Latin American emigrant communities. His work focuses on queer liberation movements in Perú and Argentina.

MMUF Class of 2015:

Patricia Ekpo is concentrating in American studies and gender and sexuality studies. Under the guidance of Professors Françoise Hamlin, Wendy Chun and the Center for Digital Scholarship staff, Patricia will use cyberethnography to investigate the role of social networking sites on black women’s lives and black feminist discourse. Patricia plans to pursue a PhD in American studies.

G. Maris Jones is an anthropology and Portuguese and Brazilian studies concentrator. Her research will examine the role of Afro-Brazilian percussion in political activism and youth and community development. Maris’ advisors are Professors Keisha-Khan Perry and Josh Tucker.

G. Emilio Leanza is a history concentrator interested in the 1960s Naxalite movement in West Bengal. This summer, he will travel to India to conduct archival research and oral histories with surviving members of this Marxist-Leninist social movement. Professors Naoko Shibusawa and Vazira Zamindar will serve as faculty advisors.

Keil Oberlander, an ethnic studies concentrator, will work closely with Professor Elizabeth Hoover on a project examining German appropriation of Lakota cultural forms. Keil hopes to pursue a PhD in Ethnic or American studies.


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